Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Art Sale, Flower Painting, "Spring Pansies in the Park" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil

Flowers on sale today!  Pansies are spring flowers in most parts of the world, but here in the tropics, we see them in the winter.  I found these  in downtown Asheville,  NC

purchase here
95 minus 30.
Pansies have always been a favorite of mine.  Even as a child, I loved their cute little faces, so it was a natural for me to paint them.

Painted on canvas panel, in oil, these are available until Thursday evening at a reduced price.  Click on the link above to purchase and you will be charged $95. plus 6.50 shipping.  As soon as I receive notification of payment, I will refund your credit card or PayPal account $30.00!  This offer is only until midnight May8th PDT, and only on this blog.

TO RECEIVE THE REBATE........write "Art Sale" on your order.  If you fail to do this, I will not know you purchased here and that a rebate is due!

Happy Spring Day!


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